Shawn Allen, President of Veranda Property Investment Inc.


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buying phentermine online illegal Shawn began his real estate investing career in 2007, utilizing his private residence as his first rental. That same year he purchased his first property to be used as a buy, renovate and sell property.  Since that time, Shawn has done many different types of Real Estate deals including rent to own, buy and hold,  full scale renovations and even some more creative strategies.  Through experience, Shawn has developed an in-depth understanding of residential real estate investing.

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http://www.clinard.org/video/pool/ny4384/ Shawn’s educational background is in business. With a  Bachelor of Social Studies from McMaster University and an  MBA from Niagara University he has solidly positioned himself to understand all aspects of business – especially when it comes to real estate investing.  His experience and education combine for carefully thought out and executed investments and thorough financing plans for each of their investments.



Professional Team


http://www.clinard.org/video/pool/ny915/ It should be noted that we have spent several years developing an exceptionally strong team of individuals that support and strengthen our business even further, which include:

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  • An accounting firm that is dedicated to serving real estate investors: this firm does the record keeping for Veranda Property Investments, Inc. as well as the tax preparation.


  • We have excellent relationships with several exceptionally strong and experienced real estate lawyers. We have been building strong relationships with our legal counsels so that we can reach out and ask them any question at any time and get a good response quickly.


  • Other real estate investors – we’ve been actively growing our network of real estate investors through social media and by attending real estate investing club meetings.  Knowing other real estate investors is critical because sometimes they have solutions to problems you haven’t been able to solve, or they find deals in your area that aren’t right for them but are perfect for you, and they can refer you to tradespeople and contractors that will help you out in a pinch.

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  • Experienced Contractors – Veranda Property Investments, Inc. has access to experienced and high quality contractors for doing property improvements.

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The management of Veranda Property Investments, Inc. is dedicated to the success of each and every investment made. And every day they continue to build on the already strong team behind them to maximize the potential return of every single deal.